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Our Beginning

Established in 1962, the Basic Organics health product line initially found its exclusive presence in distributors and independent pharmacies across the United States. Over the course of several decades, the brand underwent significant growth, extending its reach to retailers nationwide and acquiring new brands and products. In a strategic move in 2020, Basic Organics underwent a rebranding initiative, adopting the name Basic Brands Inc. to serve as the umbrella entity for all its sub-brands.

First to Market

BBI consistently stands as a market leader, renowned for its innovative product developments. Pioneering achievements include the introduction of the first-ever zinc lozenges, the groundbreaking formulation of the 500/400 ratio Glucosamine with Chondroitin, to the exclusive offering of the only USP certified Saw Palmetto oil extract in the market. Our company takes pride in propelling the industry forward through the creation of science-backed, highly effective products.

Where We are Today

Presently available in retail stores nationwide, Basic Brands has gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of discerning consumers, athletes, and healthcare practitioners globally. The company maintains its commitment to developing and delivering innovative, high-quality health and wellness products. In addition to its existing offerings, BBI consistently expands its portfolio of services and capabilities (link to the additional services page) to assist both consumers and healthcare professionals in bringing their own product ideas to the market.

Since 1962

Basic Brands has been dedicated to providing high-quality, carefully crafted, health and wellness products for customers across the globe. Preferred by healthcare professionals, athletes, and industry professionals, BBI’s portfolio of brands and products offer a diverse selection of solutions for targeted conditions such as weight management, eye health, prostate health, blood glucose control and more.